Cultivating a Winning Spirit

Cultivating a Winning Spirit

Connect with Your Purpose

By Master Phil Nurse – People often ask me “What do you do to turn your students into winning athletes?”  My answer is simple.  I focus on helping them cultivate a winning spirit.

To be a winner, you have to BELIEVE you will win.  So before I take any student into the ring or octagon, I ask myself –

1. Do I believe in them? This forces me to really look at the individual and their abilities.  Are they willing to put in the work?  Can I count on them to do their part when no one is looking?
2. Do they believe in me? Are they trusting my knowledge and experience as a fighter, teacher, & coach? Are they actually putting the techniques into practice?
3. Do they believe in themselves?  This is usually the hardest part.  Negative thoughts can do a number on you if you allow them to dominate your internal dialog. Trusting yourself is essential to meeting your goals.

Without each of these “Three Beliefs“, it’s impossible to achieve the results my athletes want.

And the same goes for my fitness clients.  Before I can help them achieve their fitness goals, I need to make sure each of these “Three Beliefs” is in place – including their belief in themselves!

People often forget this mental aspect of getting fit.  As a coach and trainer, it’s my job to remind them!  One way you can stay mentally focused (and fight off those negative thoughts) is to ask yourself “What is my purpose?”

Why are you committing to a healthier lifestyle? Is it to look better?  Is it to live longer?  Whatever it is, you need to connect to your purpose and make it your mantra, so when you need to call on it for motivation it’s there ready to push you past whatever gets in the way of reaching your fitness goals.

Having a purpose gives you the power to win. It’s like a torch in the dark. Trust it, and it will guide you past doubt, fear, and pain, and you will emerge on the other side stronger than when you started your journey.

I have no doubt that the Gravity Rope will transform your body.  But I also hope it’ll transform your mind, so you can insure that new body will be with you for the life.   In part two of this article, I’ll show you other ways to start training your mind to make sure you reach your goals.  Keep jumping!

How Do I Get A Gravity Rope?

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