Master Phil Nurse

"I wanted to create something that would challenge everyone, regardless of their fitness level, to acheive their goals and surpass their limits, one jump at a time."

- Master Phil Nurse

Traditional exercise. Modern design.

Speed rope and weighted rope in one.

Rugged, patent-pending design, built to last.

Handle grips that won't slip from your hand.

Adjust weight to your intensity level.

Adjust length for a perfect fit.

How to Jump Rope 101

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Jumping Rope By Master Phil Nurse – I’m almost positive that even if I lay out all of the wonderful reasons that you should add jump rope to your fitness program some of you will “skip” (pardon the pun) over it entirely and “jump” (sorry couldn’t resist throwing in another) straight […]


No gym? No problem. Jump Rope!

Workout without a Gym – We’ve all been there. On the road, away from home, visiting friends, or maybe the gym is just closed. We want (even need) to workout, but there’s no gym available. What to do? If you remembered to bring your jump rope, then problem solved. Jump ropes are light, small, and […]


About Phil Nurse

Phil teaches a holistic approach to living, finding inner and outer balance with mind and body.

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    Founder of the Wat gym in New York City.

    Phil has been training students of all levels - from beginner to pro - for over 30 years, developing their skills, fitness, and conditioning.

  • 2

    Trainer of Champions.

    Phil has trained some of the best fighters and MMA athletes in the world, including Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, Uriah Faber, and Frankie Edgar, among many others. He frequently can be found in the fighter's corner at the UFC.

  • 3

    A Champion in his own right.

    Phil has held and never lost 3 title belts in Muay Thai kickboxing, with a record of 32-3-0 throughout his career and 15 wins by knock-out.

  • 4

    Ajarn ("Master") in Muay Thai.

    Phil was recently promoted to Ajarn (which means "Master") by Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute ("Master Chai") with the blessing of his teacher, Grandmaster Sken Kaewpadung. There are only a select few masters in the United States.

Ajarn Phil Nurse

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Gravity Rope Presents, Muay Thai, Fights, MMA World Expo